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The Hive Community Membership

Welcome home! 

The Hive is a sacred space built just for you. It is a place to cultivate your innate gifts and increase your capacity to live your best life. It is both a school and a community hub. It is a movement and a place to come home to yourself in the company of other wisdom seekers and nectar-of-life gatherers.

The Hive Community is a place to both LEARN & REMEMBER how to access the wisdom that is already inside you with a group of like-minds who, like you, are committed to personal growth, deep listening, and personal transformation. 

Pay one low monthly subscription fee and receive access to a growing library of online content, monthly live classes on DreamWork and personal energy management, 50% off additional monthly workshops, and a community forum off of Facebook that you can access from any PC or a custom app on your phone! 


You are innately intuitive. Did you know that? Probably you did. But maybe it’s not always so easy to access or integrate this wisdom into your daily life.

Learning the language of the elements and chakras, understanding how to manage and enhance your energy system, and working with your dreams are all tools we teach and cultivate together to awaken our innate abilities. Because FYI…

You have your own private line to the divine, of which you are the ultimate authority.

TESTIMONIAL: “Being able to talk about my dreams in an environment that was non-judgmental and with a shared language was supportive in moving me forward in working with my own dreams and that of my clients”. -Weylyn E.


Establishing a practical relationship with your guides, higher self, ancestors, and allies means you can better listen to the voice within, discern what you need and when, and step into the fullest, most authentic, actualized version of you.


You can trust your inner knowing. You forge your own path. You find your own way. Strengthening your intuition and finding ways to access your personal, direct line to the divine is a practice, and the Hive is a place to cultivate this in the company of like-minds.

TESTIMONIAL: “(This work) has brought noticeable effects, just the act of the noticing itself that there is something new to notice seems to be sparking some fresh energy for me to take on a bigger and perhaps more courageous look at what’s possible”.- D.J. Nellis

Along the way, you may have to face some fears, resistance, things that are in the way of your clear light shining its brightest.

You may discover blocks in your energy body. You may find obstacles and limiting beliefs hiding under the surface. 

It isn’t always easy to do our work, but it is worth it! 

 Self-work is the only work that will change the world. And to be honest, shit is a bit funky in the world these days. Change is on the horizon. We need to be tuning in and turning within. And we need each other for this now more than ever before. 

TESTIMONIAL: “Amanda is an amazing teacher and hostess! I was so impressed by Amanda's skill and grace and her ability to hold space for all the different levels of experience in her class. Im using what I learned nearly every day. Simply meditating on the energy bodywork flow that I learned provides a special kind of calming integration when I need to center”. - Sharon B. 


When you learn how to maintain your alignment and do your work in a sustainable way, it ripples out and touches everything and everyone around you. And then, my friend, the work doesn't really feel like work anymore.

It feels like PLAY.

TESTIMONIAL: “ I have to tell you I think this energy work is life-changing for me. I feel like I have just woken up out of a 2-year slumber. - April P.

Sure there are challenging moments. But you have an entourage of spiritual support both seen and unseen here to guide you. You do not have to do it alone! In the Hive, you will learn tools and practices that will help you find and maintain this alignment, and you will have a community to reflect your innate brilliance along the way.

Working with your energy and your dreams is fun!

Full of delicious realizations, blissful "A-HA" moments, deep connections, belonging...and a real sense of what it means to be home- in your body on the planet- in touch with your purpose - on your path. 

What You Get When You Join the Hive

Dream Circles

Monthly Live Online Courses

A Dedicated Private Forum

50% off Workshops

An Online Course Library

A Community of Like-Minds to


How does it work?

I am all about gratitude for the simple things. Quarantine or not, we can connect in the etheric realms. So much can be shared and cultivated in the dream-time and online. When we journey into or through our dreams, we do not need to gather in person. All we need are our vivid imaginations, and a computer or phone to share about it. Tremendous connection and learning are possible no matter where you are on the planet!

*The Community DreamShare Forum: A sacred space for you to share your dreams, get reflection from the Hive & increase your mojo & magic.


1. Two Live (Zoom) Dream Circles per month

2. Be Your Own Guide to the Divine (BYOG) - combining Conscious DreamWork and creative play

3. Live workshops  

4. Online courses and challenges on dreamwork, empath empowerment, intuitive development and more 

Join in as much or as little as your time and energy allow. You will never fall behind. Perhaps you only need the forum and community at times, or at other times you may only want access to the online courses or the live Zoom sessions. Or maybe you want the whole enchilada! You will always be welcomed as you are, where you are. 


TESTIMONIAL: “Connecting with my dreams in this way with Amanda and Jamie guiding, allows for the consistency to always keep that portal open between the world of my ancestors, my spirit guides, my angels, and with the Divine Universe. This is a great tool to incorporate into my life everyday. That deep connection with myself and spirit is something I always want to cultivate and build a devotion to.”. - Krella L.

Learn more by watching this video!


A little more about me...

My name is Amanda Lux. I have given thousands of private healing sessions (body and energy work) for nearly 17 years. I am a Board Certified Polarity Therapist, registered hypnotherapist, certified Transformational Life Coach, and Active Dream Teacher through Robert Moss. I currently teach Polarity Therapy and DreamWork to super awesome resonant souls who love to play in the mystery as much as I do. 

I am also a mother, artist, author, and teacher here to spread my light and help others do the same. 

This is an inclusive, safe space for all genders & races and all experience levels. 

A percentage of all proceeds from the Hive are donated to the National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center. We also offer scholarships and discounts to BIPOC members as a way to honor the value of diversity and inclusion. Feel free to email me at: [email protected] for more info. 

Learn more about us here.

No matter how much you have studied or tapped into your energy or dreams, we ❤️ beginners and pros alike.  

Please reach out to me with any questions at all and explore the links below! xoxo  

Email all questions and inquiries to [email protected]

Learn more about the Hive and Join the MuseLetter (Like a newsletter but much more inspired with weekly (ish) prose, poetry, blog posts, sacred insights etc. ) at

Learn more about Amanda Lux and see some art at

Purchase the Soul-Care Workbook on! The accompanying online course is included in membership.

The Soul-Care Workbook by Amanda Lux

Dig Deeper: FAQ's

  • What is BYOG? Be Your Own Guide to the Divine is a program designed to help you increase your intuition and enhance your relationship with your guides and spirit allies in order to live your highest, most inspired and aligned life possible. BYOG incorporates DreamWork with art and creative expression.  On the third Tuesday of each month we meet on Zoom from 5-6:30pm to journey together for guidance and inspiration. Then we create live together. Bring your own art supplies and your juiciest intentions. No special skill or artistic talent required. This is all about process over product. Play is Powerful! 

  • What is the Monthly Dream Circle? Join Jamie Fenix and Amanda Lux each month on Zoom to work your dreams, through dream re-entry. We re-enter our own and other people's dreams for insight and reflection. In the past, we have offered dream circles as part of the monthly DreamWork Collective for $49/month. We are currently offering a sweet early bird price to make this a transformative yet accessible experience for all. The monthly dream circles are kind of like a potent healing session/ party every time. Don't know how to do DreamWork yet? Become a member, and you will have access to several courses inside the online school portal that will get you up to speed. No experience necessary! 

  • What is the community forum? Inside the Hive, you will find both a general energy medicine forum and a dream sharing forum with different topics or threads. The platform is a lot like Facebook, except it is totally private, and you don't have to get distracted by your snarky relatives or spied on by the money sharks. It is a sacred space where you are encouraged to share your process, and if you are into dreamwork, we would love for you to post your dreams so you can receive reflection from others within the community.

  • Why share our dreams? We do not dream alone, and often other people see things we can't see. Just the act of sharing our dreams empowers them exponentially. Post your dream seeds or incubations, post your questions or frustrations. Post your dream actions and inspirations! We want to know! You can access this forum inside the online school portal, from any computer, tablet, or through an app on your phone. Super easy to use, convenient, and super potent! 

  • What are the additional workshops, and how much will they cost? I have so many fun workshops coming out on: Bee bathing, Soul recovery, working with nightmares, working with the elements and chakras, how to be with your death, learn how to balance your masculine and feminine energy (regardless of your gender or identity), and more. Each workshop will last one or two days, three to six hours and will cost anywhere between $30-$100. All of these workshops are 50% off for members!

More Testimonials

This work was very transformative and powerful for me. Amanda and Jamie did such a great job facilitating and creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone to share. It had enough flexibility for me to incorporate my work schedule in, and it kept me accountable in setting an intent and connecting with my dreams every night. My intent for this class was to remain open to receive messages, from my higher self and my guides, that will help illuminate a path guiding me to my soul purpose and soul destiny. I definitely received such magical insights during our group journeys as it connected, realigned and upgraded parts of myself to allow more flow and energy into my life (and the expressions of my gifts to come out). Connecting with my dreams in this way with Amanda and Jamie guiding, allows for myself, the consistency to always keep that portal open between the world of my ancestors, my spirit guides, my angels, and with the Divine Universe. 
This is a great tool to incorporate into my life everyday.  That deep connection with myself and spirit is something I always want to cultivate and build a devotion to. So many synchronicities for me just fell right into place. I love it when this happens because it keeps the awe, wonderment, and magic to the miracles in life alive. It also keeps the fire of the inner child in me burning. The unfolding of my relationships, my future career and life path, and cultivation for self-care still manages to come into alignment despite the busy-ness of life. Inconsistency is a thing for me, but that's okay. Having the zoom meetings and check-ins help keep me coming back into focus of what I want for myself. The pace of the class and flexibility allows for that. Thank you for your time and energy dedicated to making this class possible.
Here's to the future, and many more dreams to come true”. -Krella L.

I feel the Dream Seeding course gave me a big boost in the practicality of how to incubate, understand and interact with my dreams. I loved that we had the opportunity to try out so many exciting ways to access guides and different dream realms, such as the Hall of Gods and the Akashic Records. I also feel that I gained useful skills, such as the Lightning Dreamwork Process and the Dream Re-entry Process, to help myself and others work with their dreams. Although I have done dreamwork off and on for many years, I feel that after this course my interactions with my dream world and the impact those interactions will have on my life has been significantly expanded and will continue to benefit me going forward”. - Lili

"I’m thrilled to be in the (soul-care) challenge. I’m definitely tapping into some new territory, expanding my knowledge of chakras and elements - and I love learning from you (and Kelly!) through your amazing powerful yet gentle teaching style!! It has brought noticeable effects, just the act of the noticing itself that there is something new to notice seems to be sparking some fresh energy for me to take on a bigger and perhaps more courageous look at what’s possible.
I have totally felt a spark in my creativity which is amazing. I LOVE love love the videos every day and the prompts… just everything about this challenge. Your writing is beautiful! I’m so grateful to be here, taking part in what you’ve created and share with us in a delightful way. You are a lovely example of someone living in full expression of what has called to you and what comes through you
~ you’re truly pretty awe inspiring!" - D.J. Nellis

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing the soul-care course! I just completed it and I left a $50 donation, and if I could afford to leave more right now I would have because it was really a valuable tool for me over the couple of months that it took me to complete it. It was great to tend to and feed my soul. The timing was perfect too with the stay-at-home period. A lot of the prompts were really powerful for me. For example, I wrote a 4 page self-forgiveness letter to myself that was really powerful! Anyways, thanks for doing what you do, and I look forward to taking more online courses with you! " - Holly H.

“I love the program you've developed. I stalled out partly because of my available time and (probably mostly) because of my own need to take in the information slowly and work through barriers. I plan to continue working with the materials past the 3 weeks so I can absorb at my own pace. But I wanted to reach out to tell you what an amazing job you've done putting Attune together, and how already transformative it has been for me. Thank you"!” -Joy J.

"I didn’t want to use up all of the space in the day 5 thread, but I have to tell you I think this energy work is life-changing for me. I feel like I have just woken up out of a 2-year slumber. Over the past year my muscles have become increasingly tight – so much so I look like an 80 year old weak man getting out of my work chair and getting out of bed – my joints are frozen. I have been out of balance with canker sores and weight gain…
One thing I noticed from the very first session (of the 33-day challenge)–I realized on day one I have been really struggling. In my old world, I loved to speak and share ideas and I get my energy from others – sharing and developing solutions. I am an ideas person (this has always been one of my biggest strengths). This past year has been stifling – I doubt my worth and no new ideas were flowing. It has been debilitating – in hindsight – like I was stuck in a straight jacket.
These past 5 days I have been able to acknowledge the learning, listen, realign and balance….
Today I was open and had energy I haven’t felt in a long time. I got excited. It is amazing to feel so aligned.
Thank you 1000x over!" - April P.

“I’ve done a number of sessions with Amanda and have also taken one of her wonderful Polarity classes. For each and every one of these experiences I have felt blessed and expanded in my perspective and re-grounded in my core. Amanda has an amazing capacity to sense into the characters at play in my scenarios, to deeply listen and help them speak more clearly and completely, then help me bring myself to a place of deeper and truer knowing of my own experience. Thank you Amanda! You are boldly compassionate, graceful, and so masterfully insightful and effective in your sacred craft. Thank you for meeting me time and time again, exactly where I am”. - M. C.

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